Get Ready for the Exciting Launch of Binance Futures’ ORDI Perpetual Contract!

    Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced the listing ​of the ORDI perpetual contract on its platform.

    The ORDI perpetual contract, which will be launched on Feb. 22 at 07:00 (UTC),⁢ will ‌be USDC-margined and offer up to 75x‌ leverage. This new addition to Binance‍ Futures is expected to attract more traders and increase trading volume on the platform.

    At the time of launch, the maximum ‌financing rate for the ORDIUSDC perpetual contract will be +2.00% and -2.00%. The ⁤funding fee calculation frequency ⁣will occur ​every four hours, providing traders with more transparency and control over their trades.

    To celebrate the launch, Binance is offering a 10% discount on trading fees for all USDC margined futures contract trades until April 03, 12:30 pm (UTC). This is⁣ a great⁢ opportunity for traders to take advantage of the new ORDI perpetual contract and save on trading fees.

    Following the announcement,‍ the Ordi token (ORDI)​ saw a 6% increase in the last 24 hours. Currently, the asset is trading at $72.6 with a trading volume of $159.46 ‌million and ‍a market capitalization ⁢of $1.52 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

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    The ORDI token is ​based on the Ordinals protocol,​ which allows for the creation and transfer of digital assets on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. This standard also enables the recording of data in Satoshi and converting it ⁣into tokens.

    Initially, the ORDI token was launched as a‍ meme⁣ coin with no affiliation to the developers of the Ordinals protocol. However, it has now become the largest BRC-20 token and serves as ⁢the primary token of the protocol.

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    Are‍ you excited for the launch of Binance Futures’ ORDI Perpetual Contract? If⁤ you love‌ trading on ‌Binance, get ready for an even​ more thrilling experience with⁣ the‌ new ORDI Perpetual Contract. This latest addition to Binance’s futures trading platform is set to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency trading. In this article, ⁣we’ll dive into all the details you need‍ to know about the launch of‍ Binance Futures’ ORDI Perpetual⁤ Contract and⁣ how you can get ready to be⁢ a part of it.

    What is Binance Futures’ ⁣ORDI Perpetual Contract?

    Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform⁣ that offers users the opportunity⁤ to trade a wide range⁢ of⁢ digital assets.⁤ It recently announced​ the launch of ORDI⁤ Perpetual Contract on its Binance Futures platform. This new trading product is a ⁤perpetual contract settled via USDT and ⁣is⁢ denominated⁤ in ORDI, the native token of

    What makes⁣ this launch so⁤ exciting is that ‍it allows traders to⁤ speculate on the price⁢ movements of ORDI without ever owning the underlying ⁢asset. ‌This gives traders‌ more flexibility in their trading ‌strategies⁤ and allows ‌for higher leverage,⁤ making ‌it an attractive⁣ option for both⁣ experienced and beginner‌ traders.

    Benefits of Binance Futures’ ​ORDI Perpetual Contract

    The launch of Binance Futures’ ORDI ⁢Perpetual Contract comes with a host of benefits for traders. Here are ‌some of the ⁤reasons why ‌this new product is a game-changer in ‌the world of cryptocurrency trading:

    1. High Leverage: With ⁤ORDI Perpetual Contract, traders can access up to 125x leverage, giving them the opportunity ‍to boost their profits significantly.

    2.⁣ Low Fees: Binance is known for its competitive fee‍ structure, and⁣ the ORDI Perpetual Contract is no exception. It offers some ⁤of the lowest trading fees in the industry, making it a cost-effective option for traders.

    3. Security and Reliability: Binance is a trusted and secure platform, with a strong track record of providing top-notch security measures to protect its users. The launch of ORDI Perpetual Contract comes with the same level of security and reliability, giving ​traders ⁣peace of ​mind when trading.

    4. Professional Trading Tools: Binance Futures’⁢ ORDI ‍Perpetual Contract comes with advanced trading tools⁢ and features such as stop-loss, take ‍profit,⁢ and order book depth, making it easier for traders to manage their positions effectively.

    How to Get Ready for the Launch of ​Binance Futures’ ORDI Perpetual Contract

    Now that you know the benefits of the ORDI Perpetual Contract, here ​are some ‍practical tips to help you prepare for‌ its launch:

    1.​ Educate ‍Yourself: It’s ‌essential ‌to ⁤have a good understanding of the crypto market and ​trading‌ strategies before‍ diving into any trading ⁤product. ‍Take some ⁢time to learn about ORDI and ​its ⁣underlying ⁣technology, as well ⁤as the basics of‌ futures trading.

    2. Familiarize Yourself with Binance Futures Platform: If you’re new to Binance Futures, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with⁣ the platform before the launch of ORDI Perpetual Contract. This way, you’ll be ready to ​take advantage of all⁣ the​ features⁣ and tools available.

    3. Keep an Eye on⁢ ORDI ‍Token: As a trader, it’s ⁢essential ‍to stay updated on the ​latest developments in​ the crypto market. Keep an eye on ⁣the ORDI‌ token to⁢ understand ‍its price movements better. This will help you make informed decisions⁢ when trading the⁣ ORDI Perpetual Contract.

    4. Start Small: While the high leverage offered by Binance Futures’ ORDI Perpetual Contract may be tempting, it’s always advisable to⁢ start small and gradually‌ increase your⁤ exposure. This way, you’ll⁢ be able to⁣ manage your risk effectively.

    Case Studies: ORDI Perpetual Contract in Action

    To better understand the potential of Binance ‌Futures’⁤ ORDI Perpetual⁤ Contract, let’s look at a case​ study‍ of⁣ how it can benefit traders.

    John ‍is an experienced ⁢trader on‍ Binance ​Futures who has‍ been waiting‌ for‌ the launch of ORDI Perpetual ⁢Contract. He decides​ to open a long⁢ position with 1⁢ BTC at‌ 7500 USDT per contract. As the price of ORDI increases by 10%, John’s ⁤profit will be calculated as follows:

    Profit = (10%⁤ * $7500 ‍USD per contract) * (1 ⁤BTC / $7500 USD per contract) = 0.1 BTC

    This means that John’s profit will be ​equivalent to 0.1 BTC without ever owning the⁤ underlying asset.

    First-Hand Experience

    Binance Futures’ ORDI Perpetual Contract‍ is⁣ set to launch ⁤on 23rd July 2021, ‍and traders couldn’t be more excited. The‌ combination of high leverage, ‌low fees, advanced trading tools,​ and a ⁤secure platform makes​ it an attractive option ⁢for traders of ​all levels. If you’re‌ looking to diversify your trading portfolio, don’t ⁣miss out on the exciting launch of ORDI Perpetual Contract on⁤ Binance Futures.

    In Conclusion

    The launch of Binance Futures’ ⁣ORDI Perpetual⁤ Contract is a ⁢significant development for the world of⁤ cryptocurrency trading. This new product offers traders more flexibility, higher leverage, and​ lower fees, making it a game-changer in the industry. By following ‌the tips mentioned above, ⁣you can get ready and make the most of the launch of ORDI Perpetual Contract on Binance Futures. Stay ‍ahead in the market ⁣and be a ⁢part of‍ this exciting new chapter ⁤in cryptocurrency trading.

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