Unleashing the Power of Bitcoin: ETF Flows Fizzle While Ether Battles to Surpass $3K

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    Bitcoin struggles without ETF flows as Ether battles to reach $3K

    Bitcoin sees slight decline amid US holiday, Ether price fights for $3K milestone

    BTC price stabilizes at $51,329 on Bitstamp, recovers to $52,000

    No new inflows into Bitcoin ETFs as Wall Street remains closed on holiday

    Market sentiment impacted by lack of institutional inflows

    Predictions of potential lower targets for BTC if bears gain control

    Material Indicators suggests BTC price may stabilize over long weekend

    Chart shows BTC/USDT order book liquidity on Binance

    Bitcoin feels lack of ETF flows as Ether price fights to reclaim $3K

    Bitcoin dipped to intraday lows on Feb. 20 as a public holiday in the United States limited buy demand.

    Bitcoin extends sideways action

    Data tracked a BTC price floor of $51,329 on Bitstamp.

    An otherwise flat start to the week ended in cold feet for BTC/USD after the Feb. 19 daily close, but a recovery subsequently took the market back to $52,000.

    Wall Street was closed the day prior thanks to the President’s Day holiday, meaning that no new inflows into the spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were recorded.

    As we continue to report, these inflows have consistently buoyed market sentiment in recent weeks, creating a positive feedback loop as others attempt to “front run” institutions by buying BTC in advance.

    In recent commentary on X, trading resource Material Indicators suggested that the long weekend would allow BTC price action to “simmer down a bit” after recent rapid gains.

    Ahead of the intraday dip, another post laid out potential lower targets should bears gain the upper hand.

    “If Bitcoin doesn’t bounce from here, consider the door to $51k opened, and if that doesn’t hold, look to $50k then $48.6k for the next levels of support,” Material Indicators explained.

    “If those don’t hold, things could get very exciting in the short term. Long term outlook is unchanged.”

    An accompanying chart showed BTC/USDT order book liquidity on Binance.

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