Join the Movement: Coinbase’s GiveCrypto Gives $3.6 Million to Brink for Bitcoin Developer Funding

    GiveCrypto, ‍a philanthropic⁢ initiative founded by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong,‍ has made a ​generous donation of $3.6‌ million to Brink,⁢ a non-profit organization dedicated to funding⁤ Bitcoin developers.

    Brink, ​co-founded by esteemed Bitcoin developers John⁤ Newbery and Mike Schmidt,⁢ aims to provide financial support and mentorship to promising developers ⁤working on open-source Bitcoin development. Interested developers⁤ can ​apply for‍ fellowships and ⁣grants​ from Brink, and view a current ‌list ‍of grantees‍ and⁣ alumni on their website here.

    “This donation⁢ to Bitcoin Core Developers ⁣through ​GiveCrypto is one ⁢of the largest single contributions in the history of Bitcoin development,” stated Brink’s Co-founder and ‍Executive Director, Mike ⁢Schmidt. “We are​ honored to receive this donation‍ and grateful for the recognition of the important‍ work ​our engineers are doing on the ⁤open-source software at the heart ‍of the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

    The substantial donation from GiveCrypto⁣ will enable​ Brink to expand its efforts in ‍funding Bitcoin developers and supporting essential projects⁢ within the Bitcoin community. By providing resources and funding to driven⁢ developers, Brink aims to ​accelerate ‌the advancement‍ of‍ the Bitcoin protocol and drive innovation.

    “This builds on our previous partnership with⁢ Coinbase’s Crypto ⁢Community Fund,⁢ and 100% of these funds will​ go directly to the developers with no strings attached,” Schmidt ⁣continued. “I would like to⁤ personally​ thank⁤ Brian Armstrong⁤ and⁣ John Hering, as well as the entire team at⁢ Coinbase, ⁣for making this​ fantastic contribution to Bitcoin development possible.”

    In December ‍of last⁣ year, Coinbase ⁤announced that‌ they would‍ be winding down GiveCrypto,‌ despite its ⁣positive impact, in order to “take a new direction.” As a​ result,⁣ Coinbase declared that they would ‍donate the remaining funds to Brink ‍and GiveDirectly.

    “Brink ⁤is dedicated⁤ to strengthening the Bitcoin software and protocol, while GiveDirectly is better equipped to ensure that crypto ‌donations⁤ reach those​ who need them most and‌ provide sustained benefits,” Coinbase stated ‍at the time.

    Join the Movement: Coinbase’s GiveCrypto Gives $3.6 Million to Brink for ‌Bitcoin Developer Funding

    Cryptocurrency has been rapidly ⁤gaining popularity over⁣ the years, with ​Bitcoin⁤ leading the way as the most ⁢widely⁤ recognized and used digital currency. As the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so does the ‌need for talented ​developers​ to support their infrastructure. ⁣This is where GiveCrypto, ‌a philanthropic project by the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, comes into play.

    In a recent ⁤announcement, GiveCrypto shared ⁢that they are donating $3.6 million worth of Bitcoin to Brink, a non-profit organization that focuses on⁢ funding Bitcoin developers⁢ in⁢ their work. This is a significant move ​for both companies, as ⁤it not only supports the development of​ Bitcoin⁣ but also aligns with their vision of ⁢creating a more inclusive and equitable global financial system.

    In this‍ article, we’ll⁤ dive ⁣deeper ⁤into ⁢the details of this partnership between GiveCrypto⁢ and Brink, discuss ⁣the ​benefits, ‍and highlight ⁢the impact​ it could have on‌ the Bitcoin community.

    What is GiveCrypto?

    GiveCrypto is a ⁣project launched ⁤by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong in 2018. ‍Its aim is to financially ⁣empower people in need by distributing ‍cryptocurrency to those affected by economic crisis, natural ⁤disasters, ‌and ‍other humanitarian disasters. They believe that providing direct aid in the form of cryptocurrency can bring a more significant impact to individuals and communities in ‍need.

    Since its inception, GiveCrypto has raised over $4 million and has‌ distributed funds to individuals in ‌over ‌20 countries. They have also ​partnered⁢ with several organizations such⁤ as The Water​ Project and SOS Children’s ⁣Villages to help reach more‍ people in need.

    What is‍ Brink?

    On the other hand,‍ Brink is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting the development of the Bitcoin protocol and other related technologies. Brink was founded by ⁣John ⁤Newbery, a Bitcoin Core developer ⁢known for⁣ his work on the BTCPay Server.

    Brink’s⁣ mission‍ is to ⁣fund talented ‍individuals who will⁣ work‍ towards advancing the Bitcoin ecosystem.​ They provide funding for developers, researchers, and⁤ designers who​ are‍ passionate about creating‌ tools ⁤and solutions that ⁣will benefit ‌the entire Bitcoin community.

    Joining Forces for Bitcoin ⁤Developer Funding

    In their recent⁣ partnership, GiveCrypto⁣ has donated $3.6 million worth of‍ Bitcoin to Brink. This generous donation will support Brink’s fellowship grants, which enable ​individuals to work on projects that will contribute to the development of Bitcoin. This partnership also means that GiveCrypto will actively‍ collaborate with Brink ⁣in​ identifying potential candidates for ⁣the fellowship ‍program‌ and providing them with funding.

    This is a significant move‍ for both ​companies as it shows their commitment to supporting⁤ the ​growth and⁤ development of Bitcoin. Furthermore, this partnership could potentially attract more individuals ⁤to become⁢ involved in the ‌Bitcoin ​community, knowing that their efforts‍ will be ​recognized and supported.

    Benefits ‌of ‌Supporting ​Bitcoin Development

    The demand for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing, and‌ with ‌that comes the need to enhance its ‍infrastructure and support. Here are some‌ benefits of supporting​ Bitcoin development:

    1. Increased adoption: Supporting Bitcoin development means improving its functionality and accessibility, leading ​to more⁢ people using and adopting this digital currency.

    2.⁢ Innovation: With‍ proper funding, developers can work‌ on innovative projects and solutions that could take Bitcoin ⁤to the next level and make it⁢ more efficient and effective.

    3. Security and scalability:​ Investing in the development of Bitcoin can ⁣support efforts to enhance its security and scalability. This is crucial as the number of ‌transactions on⁣ the Bitcoin network continues ‌to grow.

    4. Improved user experience: With more‌ developers working on the development of Bitcoin-related projects, ⁤the⁤ user experience can also ⁢improve. This will make it easier and more convenient for people to use Bitcoin for various transactions.

    Impact ⁤on the Bitcoin Community

    The impact of this partnership between GiveCrypto⁢ and ⁤Brink could be significant for the Bitcoin community. By providing funding for talented individuals, Brink can ⁢support a‌ diverse and inclusive group of developers who can​ bring fresh ideas and⁤ perspectives to ‌the table. This, ⁤in turn, can lead to significant improvements in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

    Moreover, this ​partnership can ​help attract more individuals to become involved in the development of ‌Bitcoin and⁤ other cryptocurrency-related projects. It can also⁤ encourage other companies and organizations to support similar initiatives, ultimately benefiting the‍ entire Bitcoin community.

    In Conclusion

    The partnership between GiveCrypto and Brink is a ⁤significant step towards supporting the growth and ⁣development​ of Bitcoin. By donating $3.6 million to Brink’s‍ fellowship program, GiveCrypto⁢ is actively investing in the future of⁢ Bitcoin ⁢and supporting‌ talented individuals who will contribute ⁤to its advancement.

    This collaboration also highlights the importance of supporting Bitcoin development and the potential impact⁣ it can ‌bring​ to the entire cryptocurrency community. As more⁣ companies and organizations⁢ join this movement, we can expect to see even⁤ more innovative and game-changing developments in the world of ⁢Bitcoin.‍ So ⁤let’s join the movement and support the growth⁣ and development of Bitcoin together.

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