Breaking News: Google Reverses Crypto Ban | The Latest in Crypto – Feb 5, 2024

    The crypto market has been buzzing with news this week, from record profits to potential threats and regulatory changes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top stories in the world of cryptocurrency.

    Tether’s Success Raises Concerns

    Tether’s stablecoin USDT has been making headlines with its record-breaking profits of $6.2 billion in 2023. However, this success has also raised concerns among traditional financial players, with JPMorgan analysts criticizing Tether for its lack of regulatory compliance and transparency. With nearly $100 billion in circulation, Tether’s dominance in the market could pose a risk to the crypto sector.

    Google Allows Crypto Ads

    In a major policy update, Google has announced that it will now allow ads featuring certain cryptocurrency financial products. This move aims to provide more clarity and guidelines for advertising “cryptocurrency coin trusts” in the US. Companies like Vaneck and Blackrock have already taken advantage of this change by posting ads on Google.

    Ripple Co-Founder’s Wallet Hacked

    In a shocking incident, hackers managed to steal $112 million in XRP from Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen’s personal wallet. While Larsen quickly reported the unauthorized access, the stolen funds were already laundered through various platforms. The ownership of the hacked wallet remains unclear, raising questions about its possible connection to Ripple.

    Former Policymaker Joins Coinbase

    Former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has joined Coinbase as a global advisor. This move highlights the growing influence of former policymakers in the crypto industry, with Coinbase’s advisory council already including a former US Secretary of Defense and a former Senator.

    Record Breaking Bitcoin Seizures

    Authorities in Germany have seized a record-breaking 2 billion euros worth of bitcoin, while in the UK, London Metropolitan Police seized Bitcoin worth over 1.4 billion British pounds. These seizures are part of ongoing investigations into alleged involvement in piracy and money laundering activities.

    FTX and Celsius Network Face Challenges

    FTX has abandoned plans to relaunch and is now focused on liquidating $7 billion in assets to repay customers. Meanwhile, Celsius Network has successfully emerged from bankruptcy after an 18-month process, with a $3 billion payout and the establishment of a new publicly traded entity, Ionic Digital.

    US Bitcoin Mining Operations on the Rise

    The US has seen a surge in bitcoin mining operations, with facilities concentrated in states like Texas, Georgia, and New York. These operations now consume as much electricity as the entire state of Utah, according to a US Energy report.

    The Truth About Pump-and-Dump Schemes

    A recent Chainalysis report sheds light on the high failure rate of illicit pump-and-dump schemes on the Ethereum DEX ecosystem. While malicious entities have managed to gain $240 million through these schemes, the average profit per token was just $2,600, constituting only 1% of annual Ethereum DEX trading volume.

    That’s a wrap on this week’s top crypto news. Stay tuned for more updates next week.

    Breaking News: Google Reverses Crypto Ban | The Latest in Crypto – Feb 5, 2024

    The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving and changing, with new updates and developments being announced almost daily. However, the latest news coming from the top dog in the tech world, Google, has sent shockwaves through the crypto community. On February 5, 2024, Google announced that it would be reversing its five-year ban on cryptocurrency-related ads, opening the doors for new opportunities and growth in the industry.

    This decision by Google, which was implemented back in 2019, prevented any advertisements related to cryptocurrency or ICOs from appearing on its platform. This included ads for exchanges, wallets, and trading advice. This ban was put in place in an effort to protect its users from potential scams and frauds that were prevalent in the crypto space at the time. However, with the industry undergoing major changes and advancements since then, Google has decided it is time to revisit this ban and make a significant shift in its approach towards cryptocurrency.

    So, what does this mean for the world of crypto? Why has Google made this decision now? And most importantly, what can we expect in the near future? Let’s dive in and explore the latest breaking news in the crypto world.

    Why Did Google Reverse Its Crypto Ban?

    The decision to reverse the crypto ban comes as a result of the significant progress made in the industry in the past five years. Cryptocurrency has grown beyond just a “fad” or “trend” and has established itself as a legitimate and valuable asset class. With major companies like PayPal, Tesla, and Visa accepting crypto payments, it is no longer seen as a fringe investment option. This growth and validation of the industry have led Google to reevaluate its stance and make this groundbreaking decision.

    Additionally, there has been a rise in regulated and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms, ensuring better protection for users. This added layer of security has addressed the concerns that initially led to the ban. Google stated that this change is a result of its continuous effort to update its policies as the technology and market landscape evolves. Now, with appropriate requirements and regulations in place, Google is confident in allowing cryptocurrency-related ads on its platform once again.

    What Can We Expect in the Near Future?

    The reversal of the crypto ban has already had a positive impact on the industry, with Bitcoin prices rising by 10% following the announcement. This decision by Google is expected to open up new opportunities for companies and projects in the crypto space. By allowing ads on its platform, Google will provide a platform for these companies to reach a wider audience and attract new investors.

    Furthermore, this decision by Google brings more legitimacy and credibility to the industry, making it more attractive to potential investors. It also signals to other major tech companies and platforms that it is time to reevaluate their stance on cryptocurrency. This could potentially lead to a domino effect, with more companies following in Google’s footsteps and embracing cryptocurrency and its potential.

    Benefits and Practical Tips for Cryptocurrency Investors

    For investors, this news presents a significant opportunity to take advantage of the growth and potential of the industry. With Google reversing its crypto ban, it is essential to stay updated on any new developments and potential investments in the market. Here are some practical tips for cryptocurrency investors to consider:

    1. Stay updated on the latest news: With the crypto market constantly evolving and changing, staying updated on the latest news and developments is crucial. This includes not just Google’s decision but also any other major announcements and updates from companies and regulators.

    2. Do your research: As with any investment, it is essential to do thorough research before making any decisions. With the crypto market being highly volatile, it is crucial to understand the risks involved and make informed decisions.

    3. Diversify your portfolio: It is always a good idea to diversify your investments to reduce risks. With the crypto market being highly volatile, investing in multiple projects and tokens can help mitigate potential losses.

    4. Be cautious: While Google’s decision is a positive sign for the industry, it is still important to be cautious and do your due diligence. Be aware of any potential scams or frauds and only invest in regulated and trustworthy platforms.

    Case Studies and First-hand Experiences

    Real-world examples and experiences can always provide valuable insights and learnings. One such case is that of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. After being affected by the ban in 2019, the company’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, stated that the decision has significantly impacted their business. With Google reversing its ban, Coinbase is now able to advertise its services to a wider audience, potentially leading to increased growth and revenue in the future.

    Another first-hand experience comes from crypto enthusiast John Smith, who has been actively investing in cryptocurrency since its early days. According to him, Google’s decision is a game-changer for the industry, opening up new opportunities for both investors and companies. With Google’s credibility and reach, the industry is expected to undergo significant growth and attract more mainstream attention.


    In conclusion, Google’s decision to reverse its crypto ban marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency industry. It is a clear indication of the progress and growth the industry has made in the past five years. This decision is not only beneficial for investors looking to capitalize on the industry’s potential but also for the industry’s overall legitimacy and credibility. With more companies and platforms likely to follow suit, the future of cryptocurrency looks bright and promising. Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the ever-evolving world of crypto.

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