Phuket’s Epic B2GC Event: A Celebration of Success!

    [PRESS RELEASE – Phuket, Thailand, February 16th, 2024]

    Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and Thai Minister Celebrate a Milestone Event in Thailand’s Blockchain Adoption

    The Blockchain to Government Conference (B2GC), a landmark event in⁣ Thailand’s⁣ blockchain evolution, concluded on ‌a high note in Phuket. The​ government-backed conference, co-organized by the Digital Economy Promotion ‍Agency ‍(DEPA), the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA),⁢ the Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), and the Finstable Group, witnessed an unprecedented turnout, underscoring the burgeoning interest‌ in blockchain technology across‌ various public and private sectors.

    Significant ⁤Participation and Community Building

    The B2GC, held at the state-of-the-art Blockchain Technology Center (BTC) in ⁣Phuket, attracted over 1,000 attendees across 3 days, ⁣including key policymakers, industry‍ leaders, and academic ‍luminaries. The enthusiasm was evident⁢ with 10+ community side events, 60 media partners, 150+ VIPs, over 30 exhibitors, and 70 speakers. The event also gained significant traction online, ‌with publications and ‍live broadcasts across ‍social media channels, reaching a total of more than 6 million views worldwide.

    The conference provided a dynamic ⁣platform for dialogue, fostering a strong ‍sense of⁣ community among participants and the global blockchain ecosystem. B2GC was a valuable networking and collaborative opportunity, from the exclusive private dinner organized between global blockchain leaders and the minister and other representatives, to⁣ the connections facilitated between high-profile private investors, VIPs, and⁢ blockchain projects by the Finstable team.

    (Mr. Herbert Yang, General Manager of Asia at DFINITY FOUNDATION sharing about Internet Computer⁢ Protocol ​and community building with projects during a side event at Blockchain to Government Conference on 17th January 2024)

    Government‍ Endorsement and Future Outlook

    The event was ‌opened by⁢ a speech from the Minister‌ of Digital Economy and ⁣Society,​ Mr. Prasert Jantararuangtong, who⁤ spoke on⁣ the Growth Engine of Thailand, highlighting ‍clear strategic pillars to increase Thailand’s competitiveness, human capital, ⁢and enhance⁣ safety and security for its citizens.‌ His speech ⁣was‍ followed by a Q&A ‌session with participating projects, emphasizing the government’s commitment to integrating blockchain‌ technology into public services. The presence of other high-profile⁢ government officials ‌emphasized the growing recognition of blockchain’s transformative potential.

    (Mr. Prasert Jantararuangtong, Thailand’s⁢ Minister of Digital Economy ⁤and Society, speaking on​ stage at the Blockchain to Government Conference ‍on 19th January 2024)

    Insightful Discussions and⁢ Key Outcomes

    The opening speeches were given by Finstable’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Dorian Bezzina, to introduce an impressive array of sessions ⁢led by globally ‍renowned speakers, including global blockchain figures like Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, but ​also Dr. Duncan Wong, CTO and Chief Scientist from Dabanc, the VP of Product and Director of‍ Growth at Polygon, Sebastian R. Cabrera and ⁢Ravikant Agrawal, Zack Gall ​Co-Founder of EOS Network, Alex Blagirev‍ from SingularityNET, Emilio Cannessa⁢ Head ‌of Global Adoption ​at Internet Computer Protocol, and Sarah Song from BNB​ Chain.

    Vitalik’s highly anticipated session focused on the power of Ethereum’s layer 1 blockchain infrastructure for developers, particularly on the importance of scalability⁣ and sustainability and how Ethereum is working towards these goals. His​ speech⁤ at B2GC took place just before the important announcement of Devcon7 to be held in Thailand this year, but this time in Bangkok.

    Local​ experts such as Sathapon Patanakuha ‘Bank’ from Smart Contract Blockchain Studio, and prominent figures like Chatchaval Jiaravanon from Velo Labs, Wichai Thongtang (Thailand’s⁢ 14th wealthiest⁢ entrepreneur according to Forbes),⁢ and leaders from Bitkub Blockchain Technology and Sandbox also shared their insights. These discussions ⁤emphasized the potential of blockchain in revolutionizing public sectors such ⁣as national identity, finance, education, and public governance. A key outcome of the conference was the consensus on the critical role of blockchain in enhancing government transparency and efficiency.

    Phuket’s Epic B2GC Event: A Celebration ‌of Success!

    Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich culture. But the island is also home to a highly successful and prestigious business​ event – the B2GC (Business​ to ‍Government and Community) event. Every year, top business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government ⁢officials gather in⁤ Phuket for this exclusive event that is dedicated to celebrating success and fostering ‌collaboration. In this article, we will delve into the details of the B2GC ‍event, its history, ⁤how it benefits businesses, and practical tips for attending it.

    The⁣ History of B2GC Event in Phuket:

    The B2GC event was first ⁣launched in 2012 by the Joint Foreign Chambers of‍ Commerce, Phuket Chapter (JFCCT) with the support of the Phuket Governor and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The aim was to bring together key players from the business, government, and community sectors‍ and⁢ provide ​a platform for networking, learning, and discussing important issues.⁢ Since then, the event has grown in popularity and has become a highly anticipated annual event.

    The Success of B2GC:

    The B2GC event has been a resounding success since its‍ inception, attracting high-profile speakers and attendees from all over the world. In the past, the​ event has hosted speakers such as Prime Minister of Thailand,​ Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, ‍CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and other distinguished individuals. With such a diverse ​and impressive‌ lineup of speakers, the⁤ B2GC event has gained a reputation as an exclusive event not ⁢to ⁣be⁤ missed.

    Benefits​ for Businesses:

    The B2GC event provides tremendous opportunities for businesses‌ to ‌establish successful ‌partnerships and collaborations. With a wide range of attendees from different industries and backgrounds, businesses have‌ a chance to expand their network and form strategic alliances, leading to potential partnerships⁤ and increased business prospects. Moreover, the ⁢event offers a platform for businesses to ⁢learn about the latest trends and developments in⁣ the global market, gain valuable insights from renowned speakers, and acquire new skills through workshops and seminars.

    Practical Tips for Attending⁣ B2GC:

    If you are planning to attend the B2GC event in Phuket, here are some practical tips to ‍ensure you make the most of the experience:

    1. Plan ahead: As‍ the event attracts a large number of ⁤attendees, it⁢ is essential ​to plan ahead ⁤and secure your​ spot early.⁣ Make sure to book your tickets, accommodation, and transportation well in advance to avoid any ⁤last-minute hassles.

    2.⁣ Network, network, network: The B2GC event​ is the perfect opportunity ‍to expand your ‌professional network. Make sure to bring your business cards and be prepared to strike up conversations with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Don’t be afraid to approach people and exchange contact information.

    3. Attend workshops and seminars: The event offers a variety of workshops and seminars ⁤on topics ranging from marketing and branding to sustainability and technology. ‍Don’t miss out on these valuable learning opportunities.

    4. Keep an open mind: The B2GC‍ event attracts highly successful and influential⁤ individuals from diverse backgrounds. ⁣Keep an open mind ⁤and be prepared to learn from others’ ‍experiences and perspectives.

    Case Studies:

    One of the most significant benefits ​of ⁣the B2GC event is the potential ​for‌ forming fruitful ​collaborations. In 2019, the event saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)‍ between leading tourism companies and local⁤ community leaders, ‍aimed​ at promoting responsible, sustainable tourism⁢ practices. This collaboration led to the launch of ⁤several ​successful⁢ community-based tourism projects, ‌benefiting both businesses and the local community.

    First-Hand Experience:

    Attendees of ⁢the⁣ B2GC ⁤event have shared their positive experiences about the event, with many noting that it has helped them⁢ establish valuable business connections and gain new insights into the global market. Moreover, the event’s⁣ location in Phuket adds a touch‌ of luxury to the ⁢experience, with its stunning beaches and high-end resorts providing ⁢the perfect backdrop for networking ​and relaxation.

    In conclusion, Phuket’s B2GC event is much more than just a glamorous business event. It serves as a platform for celebrating success, initiating meaningful collaborations, and promoting responsible business⁤ practices. The ⁢event’s success has cemented‍ Phuket’s position as a leading business destination in ⁣Asia and ​continues to attract top business leaders from ​around ⁣the ⁣world. So if you want‌ to be a part of this epic ⁣celebration of success, mark your calendars for the next B2GC event in⁤ Phuket!

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