Riot Platforms and Texas Bitcoin Council Join Forces to Challenge EIA Survey with Legal Action

    Lawsuit Filing Against EIA Survey: Texas Blockchain​ Council and Riot Platforms Take Legal Action

    In a significant legal move today in Waco, Texas, Riot Platforms,⁢ Inc., and the Texas ​Blockchain Council jointly filed a request ​before⁣ Federal District Judge Alan Albright for a temporary ⁢restraining order⁤ to prevent the Energy Information⁢ Administration (EIA) from proceeding⁣ with their controversial "emergency" survey.

    During the court session, the Government’s legal representatives‌ presented⁣ a voluntary statement from EIA Administrator DeCarolis proposing ⁣a temporary halt of ⁢four weeks on the ‍survey’s enforcement and data collection. ‌However, Judge Albright, noting the inadequacy of ⁢the Government’s verbal assurance without a concrete enforcement mechanism, ⁢instructed them to collaborate ⁣with ​the Plaintiffs to develop a mutually agreed‍ order. This order would mandate the⁤ following:

    1. Suspension of the survey for⁢ the specified ​four-week period.
    2. Notification to non-compliant individuals that immediate compliance is not required.
    3. Assurances⁣ that any ‍gathered or ‍forthcoming data will be segregated⁣ and‌ not ⁢utilized by the Agency.

    Additionally, ‍this order will have a nationwide ‌applicability, extending its⁤ coverage to all ⁢miners across the United States.

    Should a consensus ⁤not be ⁤reached‍ by 3 ‍pm Central Time today, the Judge hinted ⁢at issuing‍ a Temporary Restraining Order⁤ with similar provisions, expediting the timeline for the permanent injunction hearing.

    Further information ‍will‍ be forthcoming as the⁢ final order is formalized, ‌signaling a temporary halt to the EIA’s contentious "emergency" ‍ data collection practices.

    For⁢ more details on the case, refer to the case files provided.

    UPDATE: ​The ‌EIA has agreed to a temporary suspension of their‌ energy usage survey targeting miners.

    This article is written by Colin Crossman. The views expressed are⁣ solely the‌ author’s ‍and may not align ⁣with those of BTC Inc⁣ or⁣ Bitcoin Magazine.

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