Unlocking the Secrets of Funded Trader Lambert’s Indicator-Free Strategy

    In the ⁢YouTube video titled⁤ "Trading Secrets: Funded Trader Lambert’s Indicator-Free Strategy", Lambert, a funded trader from South Korea currently residing in California, shares his journey with ⁣Top Step and his success in implementing an indicator-free trading strategy. In this blog post, we will discuss Lambert’s background, his initial attraction to trading,​ and his preferred markets ⁢for trading. Join us as we‍ dive into the unique insights and experiences of a successful trader in the world of​ finance.

    In Lambert’s ⁤trading journey, he​ has successfully transitioned from the Trading Combine to a funded account, reaching the highest of peaks. His dedication and hard work have ⁣paid off, allowing him to⁤ achieve his ⁢goals‍ in the ‌world of trading. As a ⁢foreign funded trader, Lambert’s story is one of perseverance and success in the trading industry.

    The influence of‌ finance ⁢classes on Lambert’s trading career cannot be understated.​ With a background in ⁤dentistry, Lambert’s curiosity was piqued when he took‍ finance classes during his⁤ college ⁢years. This led him to‍ explore the world of trading, ultimately making the difficult decision ⁢to pursue a ‍new career path. Despite facing challenges, Lambert’s determination and passion for trading have propelled him forward, showcasing his indicator-free ‌strategy in‍ the ES and NASDAQ markets.


    Q: What is the main topic ⁤discussed⁣ in​ the YouTube video "Trading Secrets: Funded Trader Lambert’s Indicator-Free Strategy"?
    A: The main topic of‍ the video is an ‍interview ⁤with Lambert, a funded trader, where he discusses his trading journey and strategy.

    Q: Where is Lambert originally from and where does he currently reside?
    A: Lambert ⁢is originally⁢ from South Korea but⁢ currently lives in California, although he is currently back ‌in his home country.

    Q: What inspired Lambert to pursue a‌ career in trading?
    A: Lambert⁢ was originally pursuing Dentistry in⁢ college but became intrigued by how money ‍works after‍ taking Finance classes. He decided to pursue a career ‍in ⁤trading after getting interested in stock news and economic events.

    Q: What was Lambert’s first ⁢attraction ⁢to trading?
    A: Lambert’s first attraction to trading ⁣came after‌ watching movies and clips about finance, including "The Big Short" which highlighted the ⁢2008 financial crisis. This sparked his interest and‌ led him to start learning​ about trading.

    Q: What is Lambert’s preferred⁢ market ⁢to trade⁢ and why?
    A: Lambert prefers to trade the‌ ES (S&P 500 E-mini futures) and NASDAQ markets. He also observes the Dow Jones for reference. He started with ES and has recently been getting into NASDAQ trading.

    In Summary

    In conclusion, Lambert’s journey from pursuing​ Dentistry to becoming​ a funded⁤ trader⁢ is‌ truly inspiring. His dedication to⁤ learning and adapting ⁣his trading ‍strategy without the use of ⁤indicators is a testament to his skills and passion for the market. As he continues ​to trade the‍ ES and NASDAQ markets, we can only anticipate more success in his future. Thank ⁣you for⁤ tuning in to this insightful interview‌ and remember, taking notes‍ and constantly learning will always benefit you in the long run. Stay tuned for more trading secrets and strategies.

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