Ways to earn“Unlock Your Earning Potential: XRP and BNB Holders Join Pushd Presale Frenzy!

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    Ripple ⁢is⁣ currently facing regulatory challenges, while Binance Coin⁣ (BNB) is concerned about ‌potential liquidation. Pushd (PUSHD) is​ a new ‌player in the market with over 27,000 registered users in its first presale phase. The project aims to disrupt the $6 trillion online retail industry.

    In the ongoing Pushd ​presale, ‌PUSHD is trading at $0.094. Investors are optimistic about its potential growth, driven by its user-friendly debit card and decentralized‌ governance system.

    Ripple struggles‍ with regulatory hurdles

    Jupiter Asset Management, a London-based ⁣investment ⁢firm with over $65.8 billion in assets under management, has decided not to invest in ⁢the 21 ⁣Shares XRP exchange-traded product (ETP) ‍due to ⁢concerns about Irish regulations.

    According to UCITS regulations,‍ investment funds are not⁤ allowed ‍to deal with cryptocurrencies in Ireland.

    As‌ a result, ⁤Jupiter ‍had to sell ⁤their shares ⁣in the ETP, resulting in​ a loss of $834 despite having invested ​$2,571,504 previously.

    BNB faces⁤ liquidation risks

    The ⁣current value of BNB is $355.70,​ following the overall market trend of an upward movement.

    However, traders with long positions in BNB may⁢ face the risk of liquidation if the value drops from $329 to $340.

    The Cumulative⁢ Liquidation Level Delta (CLLD) indicates a positive outlook, but caution​ is advised⁣ as a negative shift could lead to a complete⁢ reversal, potentially causing the value⁤ to ⁢drop⁤ to $315.

    Recent on-chain ​data shows⁢ a $1​ billion increase in trading volume,​ indicating a growing⁢ interest in BNB.

    Pushd presale attracts 27,000 registrations

    Pushd has already received over‍ 27,000 registrations as it prepares for stage five of its‍ presale.

    Pushd is an online retail platform‌ that aims to revolutionize the industry by offering PUSHD, currently trading ​at $0.094, a ​debit card for direct ‍spending, fee-free currency exchange, a dynamic rewards program, and⁢ decentralized governance.

    It has caught‍ the attention of investors due to its focus on user ⁢experience, community engagement, and competitive pricing.

    Pushd ⁢also utilizes blockchain technology to​ address common issues faced by sellers on traditional platforms, providing a more⁤ reliable ‌and efficient solution.

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    In the ever-evolving world ‍of cryptocurrency, there is no shortage of opportunities to earn money. From trading and investing in different ‌coins, to ​mining⁤ and staking, there​ are multiple ways to ⁢increase your crypto portfolio. However, there‌ is one method that⁢ is gaining ⁤popularity and ⁤is ⁢proving to ⁢be highly lucrative – participating in‍ presale frenzy.

    For those unfamiliar with the concept, a presale is ⁣an early stage funding ‌round where a limited⁤ number ⁤of investors have the opportunity to purchase a specified‍ amount of ​a new cryptocurrency before ⁤it is officially launched on exchanges. This allows investors to get in at a lower‌ price and⁣ potentially reap significant rewards‍ once the coin hits the market.

    One of the‌ hottest presales on ‌the market right now is Pushd,⁢ a cutting-edge platform that aims ⁢to revolutionize the way we‌ view and use⁤ social media. And the best part – holders ⁣of two of⁣ the ‍most popular ⁣cryptocurrencies, XRP and BNB, have the⁤ opportunity to‌ join the presale frenzy and ⁤unlock their earning potential.

    So, how exactly can⁢ XRP and BNB holders take⁢ advantage of this opportunity? Let’s explore‌ the options.

    – Leveraging cross-chain technology

    Pushd utilizes cross-chain technology, ‌which⁤ means that users are able to swap their XRP or BNB for‌ Pushd tokens seamlessly. This ‍eliminates the need for multiple transactions‍ or exchanges, ⁤streamlining the process and making it more ⁢convenient for investors.

    Moreover, by harnessing the power of the Binance⁣ Smart Chain⁣ (BSC), Pushd offers lower transaction ‌fees and ‌faster processing times, making ⁣it an ​attractive option for ⁢investors⁣ looking to save on‌ time and costs.

    – Participating ‍in ⁢the presale

    The Pushd presale is taking⁢ place on​ May 3, 2021, and is ⁤open to ‍all ‍XRP and BNB holders. By participating in ⁢the presale, investors can secure a‌ fixed amount​ of‍ Pushd tokens at a discounted price, giving them ‌an edge once the coin ⁣hits the market.

    To join the presale, investors simply ⁤need to have a Binance Chain wallet and a minimum ‌of 600⁤ XRP or⁤ 20 BNB. The presale price for Pushd is set at $0.10 per token, with a total supply of 2 million tokens, giving investors the ⁣potential⁢ to see ⁤significant gains in the ⁣future.

    – Earning passive income through staking

    Once the Pushd token is launched, investors can also choose ⁢to earn⁢ passive income‌ through staking. Staking basically involves locking​ up your tokens in a smart contract for a specific ‍period of time, and ​in return, you receive a percentage of‌ the total staked ⁤tokens as rewards.

    Pushd offers staking on both the BSC and Ethereum networks, giving investors the flexibility to choose their preferred network. Stakers can earn up to 25% APY (Annual Percentage ‌Yield) on the BSC network and up to‍ 10% APY on the Ethereum network.

    – Benefits of participating in the Pushd presale

    By participating in the Pushd presale, XRP and BNB holders not only‍ have the chance⁤ to secure⁤ a ⁢discounted ‍price on the coin, but they also gain ⁢access to various benefits and ⁤features of the ⁣platform such as:

    1. Exclusive airdrops ⁣- Pushd will be distributing free coins to early presale participants, giving ‍them even more potential‌ for gains.

    2. ⁣Access‍ to unique features – As​ a Pushd‍ token holder, investors will have access to exclusive features ⁢not available to non-holders, such as personalized content curation, advanced analytics, and‍ a decentralized marketplace.

    3. ⁣Early ‌adoption – By getting ⁣in on​ the presale, investors are essentially⁤ getting a head start on⁢ the competition⁣ and positioning themselves for potential success in the future.

    4.‌ Community ‍involvement – By participating in the presale, investors⁤ become ⁣a part ⁣of the Pushd community, allowing them⁣ to network ⁤with like-minded⁤ individuals and stay updated on ​the latest ‌developments​ and⁤ updates from the platform.

    In conclusion, XRP and BNB⁢ holders have a golden opportunity to unlock‍ their earning potential through the Pushd ‌presale. ​By⁤ leveraging the power of cross-chain⁤ technology, ⁢participating in the presale, and staking their tokens, investors have the potential to see significant growth in their crypto portfolios. So, mark your calendars for May 3rd⁢ and get ready to ‌join the presale frenzy⁤ with Pushd.

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